Humble beginnings…

So I have decided, in my infinite wisdom, to write a blog on social beverages. What the hell is a social beverage you ask? It is a drink that you would sit and socialise over. Tea, is a fine example of this.

As there are many, many different kinds of tea out there, I decided to write about those within my grasp. This includes some of the generic well known blends in New Zealand, to some boutique teas that are incredibly difficult to find, but worth every sip. I also figured I’d comment on the tea served by the numerous cafes here in Hamilton, talking about the range available, the quality of the leaves, presentation and pot.

I was going to call this blog tea-totaller, but as I discovered quite quickly this is an individual who does not drink alcoholic beverages… I like a good nip  or six, so I felt this was poor taste. But that got me to thinking… why not broaden my horizons to more than just tea, but ALL drinks drunk in company!

I am going to start with what I have on hand, bags or loose, spirits and ales… hopefully my writing will improve too, along with my confidence in the written word.


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One thought on “Humble beginnings…

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. Looking forward to catching up over a social beverage or two.

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