Greenfield Christmas Mystery

After my somewhat elated views on Christmas teas I decided to try another, just to see if Twinings had made a breakthough in Christmas wares or if others had achieved greatness.

Again I was surprised by the flavours, more so in the way both presented very differently in the end result. Greenfield teas produce Individually sealed foil bags which come in larger boxed packs of about 30 (I stole two bags of this tea out a friends pantry so I do not have a picture of the box… ) I can state that It was a bit busy on the exterior (much like the bag, only covering the whole box). What got me is that although they speak of all the different spices contained within on the back of the packet… however, they do not mention the star anise (nor can i taste it within the tea) I suspect, this was some advertising gurus way of selling the product due to it looking like a snow flake.

The tea itself was very sweet when prepared the same as the Twinings. It reminded me of Christmas cake, or wedding cake when prepared of the non-drinker. I suspect this is to do with the addition of citrus peel rather than just the spice. The perceived mouth feel is also less buttery and more crisp to the tongue with a slight citrusy finish which may be messing with the added milk. Maybe this tea will be better without milk and sugar.

The smell is divine and smells richly of spiced oranges, similar to the clove studded oranges found in wardrobes that I seem to recall from my youth… Deceptive would be one description for this tea. Bad wedding cake is another. It is at best watered down cordial (the cheap kind found on school camps). So If you are the kind of person who sits and smells a cup of tea only to find it stone cold hours later… this one is for you.

The only mystery this tea seems to have is the case of the missing flavour.

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One thought on “Greenfield Christmas Mystery

  1. “So If you are the kind of person who sits and smells a cup of tea only to find it stone cold hours later… this one is for you…”
    That’s why it’s in my pantry… although I can’t remember even trying it yet!

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