Hazelnut latte

A major shift in the hot beverage preparation sector has occurred in the past few years towards quick convenient single serve sachets. It is as though the major brands have finally found a way to compete with the tea bag… to add value to this a variety of ‘luxury’ single serve coffees have hit the market, having now suffered through some good, and others woefully bad, I decided to include coffees onto the blog. Now I admit, I personally know little more than the average coffee sinner, and I doubt I will be unable to advance any farther than instant brands until the bean juice drinkers here in the flat get a machine installed, but i can at best attempted to steer you clear of the worst of the bunch. This one is the first to avoid.

Over the many years of study at Waikato University I came to appreciate a god cup of coffee. The available tea was in general overpriced and badly made, so I branched into the coffee scene. Not being particularly fond of the coffee flavour I chose to have a Hazelnut shot in mine and that became my beverage of choice for the longest of times. It therefore comes at no small surprise I decided to try Nescafe’s Hazelnut latte (the box is extra shiny).

I looked really good in the cup, lots of fine velvet looking froth and dissolved fairly well when mixed with hot water, smelt like a coffee should too but no hint of the hazelnut flavour. The taste was much the same to my disappointment, no hazelnut flavour at all, but it did taste kinda soapy, which a good friend and guinea pig kindly informed me is normal for instants (Added soap to help dissolve the coffee properly (this also explains the soap suds foam on top, and the squeaky clean sound my teeth now make).

The coffee was not that strong either… but at least it didn’t taste burned. In future I’d rather buy a bottle of hazelnut syrup and add to taste than deal with the little packets of doom dust.

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