McCallum’s Perfection Blended Scotch Whisky

Not at all misleading or pretentious

Not at all misleading or pretentious

4.5 Litres of lost memories...

4.5 Litres of lost memories…

This is a whisky that is dear to my heart, a family favourite would be a massive understatement if ever there was one. It is used for major life milestones, and any point in time when the family meets in sizable numbers.

We are most definitely obsessed with the stuff.

It is not an easy dram to come by either; most stockists do not carry the line, and fewer still hold it in stock for any particular length of time… but it is always available if you look hard enough.

And for its age and quality it is also one whisky with the smallest of internet footprints… even boutique hipster Ales have at least one (and often more) Instagram accounts these days… even a placeholder twitter account would have been a welcome sight but no… only some speculate comments on reddit, an old forum thread abandoned just after the naughties ended, a small gathering of auctions of old bottlings long expired and drunk… and the scattering of retailers with online shops.


A  (mis)quoted Review from a Jim Murrays Whisky Bible 2006 is often combined with information cross referenced from indeterminate and long dysfunctional websites… this is an under represented, under marketed gem in my view.

 Pretty competent and clean of no great age. Lovely malty sweetness combining with soft smoke for a full bodied start and then finishing with firm grain. Bottled in Australia. 40% alc./vol.”

We drink a substantial amount of whisky, my new Instagram  account is a testament to this fact, and we have been drinking the McCullams Perfection Scots whisky for a very, very long time long time…

A modest selection from the collection

A modest selection from the collection

As you can see the labels have been updated from time to time, with everything from font changes, spelling, bottle shape, and colour used.


it comes in bigger vessels too…

We also have been drinking this stuff in a variety of quantities over the years too…

The contents has also changed, much like any other whisky as malt masters change hands and new trends influence their selections.


After some deliberation, and much sampling My mother and I decided that this Whisky was Hard to profile, due to the complexity, using the standard tasting wheel (it’s right there on the label “Blended”)… the image above is a good starting point of what to expect… a Crème Brulee, a wee bit, on the burnt side but still Silky and creamy around the mouth. It does indeed blend well making an excellent base for cocktails (with the inclusion of Drambuie, a fine rusty nail can be made).

011 (2)

Yup, that’s my grandfather… and an empty 20 Litre…

More to come…

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  2. I shudder to think exactly how many bottel / litres we have collectivley consumed over the years…..



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