Greetings internet traveller!

My name is Richard, although I also go by the name of Rick, Riki and … well it is not exactly right to say in polite company.

I have For a long time been avid about reviving tea as the leading beverage of choice in this fair nation (New Zealand), and if possible around the world.

I study psychology and am thus interested in the effects all things in the environment have on people, one of those aspects is how different substances impact on behaviour. If i were to give tea a personality, it would be the wise old guru that sits and ponders deeply on problems (Unlike his over drunken cousin whom seems to embody anxiety and speed).

A good tea heightens the mind without the rush, its flavours to be savoured…

Im always open to new conversation and experience so contact me at Rk105@waikato.ac.nz


P.S this is my first blog, so be nice!

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